How are you going to build a better future for all of us?

The purpose of the course is for students to develop a solid foundation for reasoning about ethical, professional, and social issues in computer science.

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Computer technology is moving at a dizzying pace. Innovations like the smartphones that we carry in our pockets and the GPUs in our gaming rigs are amazing! They keep us connected to information networks and give us the ability to access intricate virtual realities anytime we want. But not everyone is comfortable with all of the changes these innovations have induced. Is it easy to figure out if a technology is good or bad? What makes some technologies more socially acceptable than others? Many of the technologies we use the most, or are most anticipating, have some questionable aspects. In Ethical and Professional Issues, we're having frank discussions about the technology industry. Learn more about the course and explore our online material. 

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This course makes use of an interactive calendar. Everything you need to know about the course -- what we're reading, what you should be thinking about, what you should be doing -- is included either there or on the "Syllabus" page.