Lecture: T/R 11:00 AM - 12:15

Location: DeBartolo Hall 138

Instructor: Walter Scheirer

Email: (

Office Hours: Tuesday 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM, and by appointment

Office Location: Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering Room 182D

Slack: #cse-40175-fa22

? Help Protocol

Think → Slack → Think → Email → Think → Office


Component Points
Reading Quizzes 15 x 50
Writing Reflections 11 x 50
Group Projects 4 x 300
Participation 500
Total 3000


Grade Points Grade Points Grade Points
    A 2790-3000 A- 2700-2789
B+ 2601-2699 B 2499-2600 B- 2400-2498
C+ 2301-2399 C 2199-2300 C- 2100-2198
D 1950-2099 F 0-1949    

Due Dates

Readings and Reading Quizzes: Readings should be done in advance of each week’s lectures. Reading quizzes are due Mondays at noon (unless otherwise specified).

Writing Reflections: Writing reflections are due Tuesdays at 5pm.

Group Projects: Group projects are due the date and time specified in the assignment.



Students are expected to attend and contribute regularly in class. This means answering questions in class, participating in discussions, and helping other students.

Foreseeable absences should be discussed with the instructor ahead of time.

Reading Quizzes

All Reading Quizzes must be completed individually and submitted via the appropriate Google Form.

Writing Reflections

Each write reflection should be prepared as a Google Doc. At the time of the first assignment, share a Google drive for this class with our TA Abby. For each assignment, prepare a doc named using this convention: lastname_firstname_duedate. Louisa will collect each assignment directly from your drive after it is due.

Group Projects

Group project deliverables should be placed in a Google drive and shared with Abby by one member of your group. After you form your group, nominate one of the members as the scribe who will handle deliverables for the semester. 

Students with Disabilities

Any student who has a documented disability and is registered with Disability Services should speak with the professor as soon as possible regarding accommodations. Students who are not registered should contact the Office of Disabilities.

Academic Honesty

Any academic misconduct in this course is considered a serious offense, and the strongest possible academic penalties will be pursued for such behavior. Students may discuss high-level ideas with other students, but at the time of implementation (i.e., programming), each person must do his/her own work. Use of the Internet as a reference is allowed but directly copying code or other information is cheating. It is cheating to copy, to allow another person to copy, all or part of an exam or a assignment, or to fake program output. It is also a violation of the Undergraduate Academic Code of Honor to observe and then fail to report academic dishonesty. You are responsible for the security and integrity of your own work.

Late Work

In the case of a serious illness or other excused absence, as defined by university policies, coursework submissions will be accepted late by the same number of days as the excused absence.

Otherwise, a late penalty, as determined by the instructor, will be assessed to any late submission of an assignment. In general, the late penalty is 25% off for less than a week and 50% off for more than a week. The instructor reserves the right to refuse any unexcused late work.

Classroom Recording

Notre Dame has implemented a classroom recording system. This system allows us to record and distribute lectures to you in a secure environment. You can watch these recordings on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The recordings can be accessed via a request made to the instructor.

Because we will be recording in the classroom on select occasions, your questions and comments may be recorded. (Video recordings typically only capture the front of the classroom.) If you have any concerns about your voice or image being recorded, please speak to me to determine an alternative means of participating. No content will be shared with individuals outside of your course without your permission except for faculty and staff that need access for support or specific academic purposes.

These recordings are jointly copyrighted by the University of Notre Dame and your instructor. Posting them to other websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or elsewhere without express, written permission may result in disciplinary action and possible civil prosecution.

CSE Guide to the Honor Code

For the assignments in this class, you may discuss with other students and consult printed and online resources. You may quote from books and online sources as long as you cite them properly. However, you may not look at another student's solution, and you may not copy solutions.

The following table summarizes how you may work with other students and use print/online sources:

  Resources Solutions
Consulting Allowed Not Allowed
Copying Cite Not Allowed

For further guidance please refer to the CSE Honor Code or ask the instructor.